Things to do to Help Skin Look Better in the Morning

Helping your skin look better first thing in the morning can often be a challenge, due to the busy lifestyle we have these days, not to mention the stressful times we have to deal with due to the pandemic.

Nevertheless, there are certain things which may help you look your best in the long run, but also instant tricks which you can apply if you have urgent events such as morning meetings, and so on.

In order to have a nice skin, you should have healthy, well-balanced diet, with plenty of fruit and vegetables. Hydration also plays a major role for the good health and looks of your skin. So does the fresh air and physical activity, such as taking long walks, exercising, swimming, running, etc. If you suffer from acne, these tips most likely will not work, and you will need the professional help of top rated acne clinics near me.

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In the meantime, apparently, one of the best tricks for having a nice skin refers to your posture. Thus, standing up straight can do a lot to the way your skin may look in the morning. Most of us suffered from poor posture due to the often uncomfortable plastic seats we had back in school. Many people can look older and more tired than they actually are, due to the fact that they spent a lot of time in an unhealthy position. Standing up straight not only makes you look better, but also feel better.

Holding cold spoons under your eyes can also do miracles to your skin. This can be done by putting two spoons in your refrigerator and is recommended especially when you notice that your eyes look excessively tired. This should be done preferably after taking a shower. You should keep the cold spoons under your eyes for at least thirty seconds. You may still have some dark circles, but you will certainly manage to freshen up a bit the overall look of your skin. Splashing ice water on your face may be another good idea.

At the same time, you need to make sure you are actually wearing the colors which suit you best. The colors of your clothes can influence not only how your skin looks, but also how you feel in general. So, in case you are not satisfied with the general aspect of your skin or you are feeling low, you should perhaps check on your choice of colors for that day. Each person’s color is determined by the undertones of his/her hair, eyes and skin. Knowing your color is very important for helping you determine which color to wear if you want to look and feel your best.

In case you wake up and are displeased with the way you look, this may indicate that you are in a bad mood. So in order to help your skin look better, you should do something to cheer yourself up. One good idea might be to start dancing on one of your favorite songs. Dancing can also make your heart beat faster, thus helping you wake up and making your blood flow faster into your veins and also into your skin.

Tips for Preparing Your Skin for Winter

Winter is a difficult season – the snow and the cold weather pose specific challenges for commuting, it makes day to day life more difficult and, to make matters even worse, they are hard on our skin, causing dryness, redness and irritation. While switching to richer creams and using skincare products with higher nutrient contents can help with winter-specific skin challenges when they happen, there are many easy ways to prepare your skin for those challenges before cold weather settles in. Here are some tips for you.

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Switch to Richer Skincare Products

While the best products to use in summer are light creams and lotions that rehydrate the skin, in fall it is time to switch to more emollient products to replenish the lost nutrients in your skin and to prepare the skin for the cold. Pick a day cream that contains vitamins, especially vitamin A, C and E and a special night cream to aide with skin regeneration during the night. A topical vitamin C skincare product will do wonders for improving the texture and dryness of your skin. Put on a nourishing skin mask once or twice a week and use it not only on your face, but on your neck and on your cleavage as well. Pay attention to your lips as well – cold weather can cause dryness and chapping around the mouth, so use a rich cream on your lips, too.

Tackle the Effects of Dry Air on Your Skin

It is not only the cold weather that has drying effects on your skin in fall and winter – spending time in air-conditioned rooms is also harsh on your skin. While ensuring proper moisture levels in the air is not possible in your office or in supermarkets, at home you can install humidifiers to make sure that the air in your rooms is healthy for your skin.

Another way to ensure that your skin stays moisturized in winter is to shorten your showers. Long, hot showers or taking long baths might feel great when it is cold and dark outside, but soaking for too long depletes the skin of the oils and nutrients it needs for staying soft and smooth, so reduce the duration of your showers and baths and apply a generous layer of body lotion afterwards.

Don’t Forget Sunscreen

Solar protection is essential for the health and softness of your skin all year, not only in summer. The sun’s rays are harsh on the skin in winter, too, so never go outside without wearing sunscreen.

Pay Attention to Your Diet and Your Liquid Intake

A clean and healthy diet and good hydration are essential for the health of your skin in fall and winter. Prepare your skin for the cold months by replenishing the vitamins and nutrients in your body through a healthy diet that includes lots of lean meat, fresh fruits and vegetables and through healthy beverages, such as water, fresh fruit and vegetable juices and green tea. Consuming carbohydrates and unhealthy fats in excessive amounts can cause inflammatory processes in the body, therefore adopting healthy eating habits that exclude such foods is of special importance for people who have sensitive or acne-prone skin.