How Often Should You Get Your Teeth Cleaned

Clean teeth are not only beautiful, but also healthy. And an overall clean mouth is extremely important. Lack of proper hygiene is not only unpleasant, but also triggers serious health problems, from halitosis (bad breath) to gastritis and other digestive problems.

However, not everyone has a proper attitude towards getting their teeth clean. For many people, brushing their teeth twice per day is the only action they take. This is insufficient, as any dentist can tell you.

What Is an Adequate Routine for Cleaning Teeth?

A complete teeth cleaning routine at home involves brushing and flossing your teeth and then using mouthwash. However, even a complete home care routine is not enough. You also need to go to the dentist periodically and get your teeth cleaned.

Why is it so? The reason is that you cannot clean your teeth 100% no matter how hard you try. Even electric toothbrushes cannot clean every bit of the surface of your teeth, especially the space between teeth. It may not seem much, but buildup of food remains over time can attack the enamel and lead to cavities, gingivitis and other problems.

What Kind of Teeth Cleaning Do You Get at the Dentist’s Office?

Dentists have access to specific devices and substances for professional tooth cleaning. These products are rich in fluoride or use UV light and, for safety reasons, are not available for consumers.

Professional tooth cleaning at the dentist’s will remove plaque and calculus build-up, which brushing and flossing won’t help with. As these build-ups grow overtime, it is a good idea to have them periodically removed. The smaller the layer, the easier the cleaning operation will be.

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How Often Should You Go to the Dentist’s To Clean Your Teeth?

A dentist near me recommends getting your teeth cleaned once every 6 months. However, certain categories of people should go to the dentist for teeth cleaning even more frequently, that is, once every 4 months.

These categories of people are:

  • Those wearing braces
  • People who indulge in a lot of sweets and snacks
  • People who smoke
  • People with frequent toothaches
  • People with recurring cavities.

Also, people with certain preexisting conditions, such as heart disease and diabetes, should also get their teeth professionally cleaned on a frequent basis. They are at high risk for gum disease.

Another category of people that should get their teeth cleaned at least 3 times per year are those who take medication for osteoporosis or blood thinning drugs. For them, bad teeth and gum disease can seriously complicate their preexisting illness.

Therefore, it is very important to communicate any kind of health issue to your dentist, even if it appears to be unrelated to your teeth. Based on this information, the dentist can recommend a tailored teeth cleaning routine, both at home and in their office.

Remember, a bright smile is a healthy smile. Don’t put it off until people notice the changing color of your teeth and your bad breath!