How To Know If You Have A Drinking Problem And You Are In Need Of Rehab

Alcohol is known to be a good “lubricant” for our social lives, and therefore people have adopted the custom of drinking every time they go out with their friends or with their colleagues. The problem is when one starts to drink alone. According to specialists, the latter situation, especially, can lead to a huge drinking problem if not kept under control. If you fridge is filled with alcohol instead of water, you may consider changing your shopping habits until it’s not too late – otherwise, you may just become a suitable guest for one of the Denver alcohol rehab centers available.

An alcohol problem usually rises the earliest question marks from family and friends

Many people who love drinking think they are actually on the safe side until someone in their circle starts asking questions and realize that their drinking patterns have become a serious issue. Most often, an alcohol problem is recognized by most friends who actually care for the person in question, as well as family, who becomes more and more concerned. When the addiction causes one to become violent, the necessity of solving the problem early gains an even more sense of urgency. This is why family members may prefer to hospitalize the addict into one of the Denver alcohol rehab centers, to start their process of rehabilitation.

How to recognize an alcohol problem

The best way to find out if you have an alcohol problem is to answer the following questions sincerely:

  • Do you have periods of time in which you drink longer and more than you first intended to?
  • Have you tried to cut down your drinking or stopping it altogether, but you were not able to?
  • Do you prefer to give up on activities that will cause you pleasure (hobbies) in order to drink?
  • Have you recently experienced cravings or a strong need for alcohol or do you usually spend a lot of time in a drunken state or getting over the nausea and other aftereffects of alcohol consumption?
  • Did you need to drink more lately than you usually do in order to get the effect you needed?
  • Did you continue drinking even if you had previously had a memory blackout?
  • Does your drinking habit cause trouble at work, school, or in your family or circle of friends?
  • Did you find yourself in a dangerous situation because of drinking (for example, almost causing a DUI accident or getting arrested because you were being loud and causing trouble)?
  • Have you ever experienced withdrawal symptoms from being unable to drink (for example, you were irritable, shaky, depressed, nauseous, could not sleep or sweated a lot)?

If you answered “yes” to at least one of these questions, our recommendation is that you see one of the rehab centers in Denver specialist as soon as possible. Do not allow your drinking habit develop into something you can hardly get out of and will steal away your life, as well as hurt the people around you!